Such a calm, organised and effective team. I am genuinely in awe of how you do it!

Geting our teeth into dental events!

Quite simply it’s what we love to get our teeth into – yes, we organise dental events! It’s a service that over ten years has been scaled (up) and polished to the highest standards. Being a dental event specialist means understanding the need for quality content, a suitable venue, the ideal sponsors and above all dentists. The key is identifying what you, as professionals, need and how to deliver that in a way that benefits you, your colleagues and your patients.

FGDP West of Scotland
Glasgow Odonto
CPD Scotland
BDA West of Scotland

How we can help you

Event Planning

Finding the ideal venue

Defining budgets and keeping to them

Organising your day in its entirety

Sponsors and exhibitors

Identifying Suitable Sponsors

Ensuring they feel value and you are rewarded

Building long-term relationships


Making applications based on GDC outcomes

Providing feedback options

Issuing certification

Get in touch for dental events that deliver

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