A selection from our portfolio

The goal for Lothian LDC is to engage with dentists in the Lothians area. Their website has the capacity to share resources, manage events and build a mandate member base. As they rely on a core team of volunteers they need a presence which allows them to do this as easily and seamlessly as possible.

Entirely online and excitingly eclectic, Product magazine, is an ever-changing palette of articles on the arts. The web delivers the perfect space for creativity and this website is crafted to enable the editorial team to post the very latest in contemporary literature, performance art, film reviews and poetry.

Helping London-based jeweller Bianca Jones’ express her love of jewellery by sharing this with the world was always going to be a golden opportunity. Her collection of unique gold and silver jewellery is inspired by a nomadic upbringing in Asia and thanks to her website now has a global marketplace.

This inspiring social charity provides a space for women in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow to meet, learn and strengthen ties. Work on the charity - and the website - continues in tandem while we add video and social media content.

Such a calm, organised and effective team. I am genuinely in awe of how you do it!

CGDent Scotland is one of Scotland’s most successful dental organisations. Our involvement with them began in 2008 when we innocently pitched up to help at an event. In the ten years since we have helped them develop an online presence, a successful annual conference and a fully-subscribed postgraduate programme.

They are often the template for much of our dental work – a thriving group of volunteers and committed professionals who want to share what they do and benefit others.  Expressing this through the web and at events is made easier by their very sociable natures!

Easy to work with

We developed and continue to develop a platform for dentists and patients alike to use. Dentists can sign up and refer patients to products they recommend. And patients can find and buy great value dental products.