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Customer Focused

It's all about you. We'll find out what you need and what works for you and then implement it as speedily as possible.


From a rough sketch and scribbled notes to a wondrous website or a five-star function you'll benefit from an all in one service.

Cost Effective

Keeping within budget is key. We'll give you value for money options that will bring you tangible returns and quantifiable results.

What our clients say about us:

A dream team as far as I am concerned

Copy that draws the reader in and then a gentle wham bam of fact and sales speak

FGDP west of scotland
Glasgow Odonto
BDA west of Scotland

defreeze details


We love building websites. They are the shop windows which inform the world about how unique and noteworthy you are. Ever-changing, versatile spaces that allow you to shout from the rooftops and sell your finest wares. And we organise events too – mainly for dentists but anyone is welcome – designed to provide the perfect balance between essential subject matter and meaningful networking.

So if there’s something you love doing, that you excel at, we’re here to help you share it with your target audience. Our goal is to build you a web presence and provide events that really reflect what you do.

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